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Professional Drivers Academy

P.O. Box 475 • Milton Industrial Park • Milton, PA 17847

Brick Kepler, Director 1-800-875-2511 * 570-523-3100 FAX 570-523-3114

Revised Publication 04/15

PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS ACADEMY is a Private Trade School, operating under license of Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Licensed Schools.

The Academy admits, trains and refers students without regard to race, color, sex or national origin.


Professional Drivers Academy is located off Housels Run Road on a 15-acre site in the Milton Industrial Park. It is easily accessible to Interstate 80 (6 miles North), Route 147 (1 mile East), and to Route 15 (2 miles to the West).

All information contained within this catalog is effective immediately and will remain in effect indefinitely. The administrative staff at the Professional Drivers Academy consists of the Owner and the Director, Mr. Lewis “Brick” Kepler Jr., who is in charge of all administrative and instructional staff.


Our goal at Professional Drivers Academy is to provide the graduate with the necessary skills, education and training for employment as an entry tractor/trailer driver in the trucking industry.

A diploma is awarded to each student who satisfactorily completes the required 240 hours of classroom, lot and road training. This training enables the individual to obtain consideration for employment as an Entry Level Truck Driver.


The training course of Professional Drivers Academy is designed to meet the needs of the student and the increasing demands of the trucking industry. It offers a unique course of classroom, practical instruction and on-the-road training.

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The unique and outstanding feature of Professional Drivers Academy program is the emphasis upon experience. Students qualify for on-the-road training through class work and training lot applications, and short street trips followed by a road test.

The course offered is called Tractor/Trailer Driver Modified (240 Hours). Classroom and basic driving instruction consists of 5, five day weeks – equaling 200 hours. The road driving and instruction consists of 2 weeks or 40 hours. This instruction and driving will be conducted under conditions similar to that which a driver will encounter when he is employed in the trucking industry. The complete course runs for 8 consecutive weeks totaling 240 hours.

CDL tests take place in the 8th week


Students accepted in the course of Professional Drivers Academy must: Be a minimum of 18 years of age

Possess a valid motor vehicle driver’s license Read and speak the English language

Pass a DOT physical examination and drug screen Demonstrate a sincere desire to learn





The staff of the Academy has qualified instructors for classroom and on-the-lot training, who are supplemented by qualified road instructors.

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Instructional methods are by lecture, audio-visual, practical application and experience. Modern classroom facilities and training areas provide pleasant surroundings for learning.

All students are expected to progress steadily throughout the entire program making some improvement during each week of their training. School instructors and the administration monitor their progress.

Classroom, lot training, and over-the-road instruction will be tested. The student will receive a satisfactory rating upon achievement of a passing grade on written classroom examinations. Tests are graded on a percentage basis with scores of 70% or greater considered passing. Performance objectives regarding lot training and over-the road training will be evaluated by the instructor or designee using a minimum competency checklist. Students will be given an opportunity for re-examination should they fail an examination or test. Students must obtain a satisfactory rating in all areas and fulfill the necessary clock hours in order to receive a diploma.


Students who are discontinued for any reasons will be considered for re-admission on an individual basis at the discretion of the school director.

A student will be discontinued for: (1) Being under the influence or in possession of intoxicating drinks or drugs while on Academy property; (2) Gambling on Academy property; (3) Operating equipment in such a manner that endangers life or property; (4) Insubordination and/or intolerable conduct; (5) Willful abuse of equipment; and/or excessive absenteeism. In all such cases, the student’s tuition obligation will be in accordance with the Academy’s refund policy.

Tardiness and or excessive absenteeism will not be tolerated and will lead to a student being discontinued. Any student being late and or absent more than (5) five times during the course will be advised. If the problem is not remedied and continues, the student’s training will be discontinued and a refund will be made in accordance with the refund policy found in this catalog and the enrollment agreement.

Make up work is very difficult to arrange, so students are strongly urged to attend regularly. Leave of absences will only be granted for the most rare instances and in both cases above, the Academy will approve or deny individual cases as they arise.