Assistance and Rules



A student’s dress must be appropriate, safe, and clean. Shorts, cut-offs, sleeveless shirts, and sandals are inappropriate. Long hair, beards or jewelry that may cause a safety hazard must be covered or removed while on or near equipment. Hard sole shoes are preferred but not absolutely necessary. All students are expected to exercise personal hygiene so as not to offend other students or instructors. Gloves to protect the hands are strongly recommended. Foul or inappropriate language will not be tolerated either printed on clothing or by being spoken. No weapons or firearms are allowed on the property. The Academy reserves the right to determine the seriousness on the above matters.


Professional Drivers Academy does not employ, or guarantee employment, of its graduates. It does provide assistance to its graduates in seeking gainful employment in the trucking industry. It offers verbal and written recommendations when requested.

In addition, Professional Drivers Academy provides assistance in seeking housing for its students during training; provides advisors to students during and after the training period and obtains license checks for students.


The Academy has been approved for Veterans’ Education Benefits.

Professional Drivers Academy is approved for Veteran’s Vocational Training. Post 9/11 vets may have great benefits. Call 888-442-4551 or visit or RECEIVING EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE ALLOWANCE – POLICIES


Students are expected to be on time for all classes.


Make-up work is not permitted for the purpose of receiving Veterans Affairs training allowance.


Class-cuts are not permitted and shall be recorded as absences.


The maximum length of the probationary period for Veterans will be one week for the Tractor/ Trailer Driver – Modified Course. The Department of Veterans Affairs will be notified if a veteran fails to make satisfactory progress during the probationary period.


Any veteran who is absent more that 20% of the scheduled training periods will be placed on attendance probation for a period of one week for the Tractor/Trailer Driver -Modified Course and two weeks for the Tractor/Trailer Driver Course. If attendance does not improve, the Department of Veterans Affairs will be notified.


In the event a veteran fails to enter, withdraws, or is discontinued from any course at any time prior to completion, the amount charged to the veteran will not exceed the pro rata portion of the total charges for tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the program bears to its total length (34 CFR 21.4255).

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